After years of thinking that “blogging is just not for me” I am finally giving it a shot.

I guess I have always considered myself as not extroverted enough to write publicly. But recently I realized that despite taking an awful lot of information and advice from other people’s writing, I am not giving anything back at all. So I decided to stop being a pure ‘leecher’ and begin ‘seeding’ a bit as well in an attempt to be a better citizen in the software development community.

But there’s also another, much less altruistic reason and that is that writing really forces you to think things through to a much deeper level that one would normally do. You can’t BS your text editor as well as you can BS yourself. I hope that building a habit to write will end up training me to have better informed opinions and be better at getting them across which - I am convinced - is an extremely helpful but typically underrated skill among software developers.

The best way to get the right answer on the Internet is not to ask a question, it's to post the wrong answer.

Ward Cunningham

I will likely be writing about a combination of the following topics:

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails development
  • Software development in general
  • Methodologies and agile stuff
  • Tools, Hacks, Gizmos and other nerdy things
  • and maybe some random food / cooking stuff thrown in

So, bear with me while I make my first attempts at writing. Feeld free to give me feedback to @stemps or by email.