Fighting Technical Debt... with Hats!

It happens on the best projects and to the best teams. Eventually every code base accumulates some form of technical debt. It can come from consciously prioritizing short term output over long term maintainability, from less conscious neglect or simply from outgrowing an original architecture design. Despite its mostly negative connotation taking on technical debt can sometimes be a sensible idea if it allows you to ship an important release earlier and make your users happier.

Safe Emailing in Rails Development and Staging Environments

Most Rails Apps send emails of some sort. Users receive welcome emails, passwort reset emails, order confirmation or other transactional mails and marketing emails of differnet flavours. Sending Emails often requires thorough manual testing with different email clients to make sure they look like they are supposed to. And while testing we must to be extra sure we’re not accidentally sending emails to real people.

Welcome to my Blog!

After years of thinking that “blogging is just not for me” I am finally giving it a shot.